Trump marketing campaign settles assault with Road Artist – Authorized Reader from Boston

President Donald Trump’s election campaign settled a lawsuit against Boston-based Rod Webber, an artist and documentary filmmaker who claims he was attacked in 2015 by a member of the Commander-in-Chief’s campaign staff.

The New York Times reports that the settlement was confirmed and signed on December 23rd. Under the terms of the agreement, the Trump campaign will pay Webber $ 20,000 in damages.

However, the campaign has refused to admit wrongdoing.

Webber, the Times says, originally requested that the campaign reimburse him at least $ 5 million.

In his lawsuit, Webber recalled a Trump rally he attended in Rochester, New Hampshire, in September 2015. At the time, Webber was working as a journalist.

Donald Trump, then one of many potential candidates for the Republican Party presidential nomination, asked Webber to name his favorite verse in the Bible. Webber responded by paraphrasing Timothy 3 that anyone who “aspires to the office of overseer” should not be “contentious” or “lover of money.”

According to New York Times coverage of the lawsuit, Trump’s supporters were quick to criticize Webber’s testimony – he was allegedly attacked by others at the rally. In his complaint, Webber says he was shoved and “viciously” punched in the kidneys.

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Webber caught media attention when he attended a non-partisan political event in Manchester, New Hampshire, in 2015. There he confronted Trump about his treatment and told the soon-to-be president, “Mr. Trump, I was physically assaulted at a rally in Rochester. “

Trump didn’t seem to care, however.

“You look healthy to me,” Trump replied.

Webber said he couldn’t hear Trump’s answer. At the supposed suggestion of a security officer, Webber went to the back of the room to get a microphone. When he tried to return, he found that several men were blocking his way, including a uniformed Manchester police officer who pushed him into a hallway.

Webber claims he was then “hit headfirst on a table” by the security officer and other members of the crowd.

“Defendant [Security Guard] willfully and maliciously attacked and ill-treated Plaintiff Webber, who exercised his first amendment [sic] right as a journalist, ”the lawsuit says.

While Webber was later arrested, all charges against him were quickly dropped.

The settlement emphasizes that the Trump campaign along with the other defendants agreed to pay Webber $ 20,000 but did not admit any wrongdoing.

“The parties want to settle their differences, including the dispute, and have held settlement talks in order to reach a mutual settlement of all claims of the plaintiff against the defendants of the campaign by agreement, without liability, fault, wrongdoing or injury by the Plaintiffs will be admitted defendants of the campaign, “it says in the settlement.

Insider and the New York Times note that neither the Trump campaign nor its lawyers have responded to requests for comment.


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