“There’s a rising tradition of intolerance on this nation,” replies Kunal Kamra, refusing to apologize for the scorn – LexForti Authorized Information & Journal

We are witnessing an attack on freedom of expression and expression. Comedians like Munawar Farooqi are locked up for the jokes they never cracked. I hope this court upholds freedom of expression and expression as the cornerstone of the Constitution.

Kunal Kamra filed the response of the petition filed against him for contempt.

In his response, he stated that he made a joke that is not a reality and should not be taken seriously.

He alleged that his tweets were not published with the intention of undermining people’s trust in the Apex Court.

Kunal Kamra claimed that the petitioner did not trust the people of this country.

Kunal Kamra suggested that the court shouldn’t take this action because of fewer jokes on Twitter.

Public belief in the judiciary cannot be shaken by public opinion, but by the actions of the judiciary itself.

Here are some of the controversial tweets Kunal Kamra has made in the past:

On November 12, attorney general KK Venugopal allowed a contempt trial against Kunal Kamra. Various law students and attorneys turned to the court against his tweets.

Kunal Kamra stated that

Few people who didn’t find my tweets funny have turned to this court to prosecute me for criminal contempt of the court.

Eventually, he claimed that he disagreed with many judgments, but that he would respect any decision made regarding him.

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