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Justice Pushpa GanediwalaThe additional judge on the High Court of Bombay recently issued three controversial acquittals under the POCSO law. These judgments were unharmed criticized.

As a result, the College of the Supreme Court withdrew its consent to make Justice Pushpa V Gandediwala; a permanent judge in the Bombay High Court.

It should be noted that this college was presided over by SA Bobde. This college also had J. NV Ramana and Rohintron Fali Nariman.

On January 20, the College recommended that the central government appoint J. Pushpa as permanent judge to the Bombay Supreme Court.

It should be noted that J. DY Chandrachud and J. Khanwilkar had reservations about the recommendations of the college.

There have been three controversial rulings it recently issued:

Jageshwar Wasudeo Kawle v. Maharashtra state (January 14th)

In this case, she overturned a sentencing order. The matter concerned a rape.

Libnus versus Maharashtra State (15. January)

In this case, she stated that if a man held a child’s hand with the zipper open, it would not constitute sexual assault under POCSO law. In this case, the child found that the defendant had exposed his genitals during such an act.

Satish Ragde v. Maharashtra state (January 19th)

In this case, a defendant was convicted of “sexual assault” under POCSO. He is said to have squeezed a 12-year-old child’s breast with the alleged intention of sexually assaulting her. He was acquitted of this offense, with a sheet in between.

Interestingly, the day after the third POCSO ruling, the College recommended making her permanent judge, although news of the ruling was not yet public at the time.

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