Single sport sports activities betting again on the federal agenda in Canada

Proponents of single-game sports betting in Canada are hoping the third time the appeal is lifting the country’s federal ban.

Current Canada laws only allow wagering on parlays of two or more events. That roughly matters 500 million CAD in the annual grip, after Canadian Gaming Association.

That is far from the estimate 14 billion CAD Bet with offshore sports betting.

The issue is now back in the federal limelight as C-218who had their second hearing in the House of Commons on Tuesday. Obviously, the last few attempts are in 2012 and 2016 were unsuccessful.

What’s new in Canada?

Since then, however, one major change has occurred: legal US sports betting is spreading at an impressive pace across the country.

Now it’s not just overseas corporations and illegal offshores taking in Canadian sports betting dollars, supporters say. Legal sports betting in border states like Michigan and new York could hurt nearby communities that survive on tourism dollars.

“This poses a unique threat to our communities of Niagara Falls and Windsor, whose economies are largely dependent on cross-border tourism, and gambling is a huge part of the tourism sector,” he said Kevin Waugh, Sponsor of C-218. “It is of great concern to these communities that if they cannot provide this service, they will lose a significant portion of their business to their competition in the US.”

Support for single game sports betting in Canada is growing

This time around, it’s not just a group of politicians and casinos wanting single game sports betting in Canada. The fight gained a number of major followers in the summer: major professional sports leagues.

Commissioners from the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS and the Canadian Football League wrote a joint letter supporting the single game sports betting movement.

At its second hearing earlier this week, several MEPs voted in favor of C-218. They contain Rhéal Fortinhaving the support of Québécois block, this is the party of 32 of House of Commons338 members.

American sports betting company and Canadian born media company theScore Bet and be CEO John Levy also return the invoice:

“We strongly support this bill to change Canada’s outdated federal laws and enable sports fans to bet on individual events. Canadians deserve a modernized, regulated, and competitive sports betting market, and the reintroduction of that law is another important step in that direction. “

Ontario promises budget support

The province Ontario supports efforts to lift the single game ban 2020 Budget:

The province will continue to work with the federal government to promote the legalization of sports betting for one-on-one events. Legal sports betting for one-off events would support the growth of a competitive online gambling market in the province and, as a popular form of betting, would benefit other parts of the gambling sector as well.

Ontario is the most populous Canadian province with more than 14 million Citizen and holds more than a third the seats of the lower house.

Single game betting would support Ontario’s effort to open up its iGaming market to private operators, which is also budgeted.

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