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The family of Henry Saldana Mejia, 27, and Gabriela Andrade, 28, recently filed an unlawful death lawsuit against Newport Beach and some individuals.

Newport Beach and a handful of others were recently named on an unlawful death lawsuit for a fatal car accident in which Henry Saldana Mejia, 27, and his wife Gabriela Andrade, 28, were killed. The couple had three daughters aged one year. four and five. The lawsuit, filed in Orange County Superior Court, names “Grace Elizabeth Coleman of Newport Beach, the alleged DUI driver arrested in the December 8 collision, and her parents James and Kelli Coleman as the defendants.”

Newport Beach; Image courtesy of 12019 via Pixabay,

In addition to being named in the lawsuit, Grace Coleman, 22, has faced five criminal offenses, including two for murder, two for drinking and driving, and one for a collision. If Ms. Coleman is convicted on all charges, she can spend nearly 35 years in prison, according to the Orange County Attorney’s Office.

The incident occurred around 7:45 p.m. on December 8, near Newport Coast Drive and South Pelican Hill Road. According to a spokeswoman for the department, officials found “a collision with Coleman’s black Range Rover and a Nissan Versa”. While Mejia and Andrade died at the scene of the accident, the three children sat in the “back seat and were taken to hospital for treatment for injuries”. All three have “since been released from Mission Viejo Hospital and are being looked after by their aunt Dayana Saldana Meija”.

How did the accident happen? Well, according to prosecutors, the crash happened “when Coleman gave a red light … her blood alcohol level was over 0.20%.”

The lawsuit argues that Grace and her parents were guilty of negligence and unjustified death. It goes on to say that Grace “had a duty not to improperly operate her vehicle and that her parents should have known of the possibility that their daughter could drive under the influence.” It turns out that Grace has driven a car under the influence “at least twice in Laguna Beach, once in June 2019 and again in August last year”. In August, she was “arrested on suspicion of DUI … and charged with offenses that DUI counted in this accident”.

In the latest unlawful death sentence, lawyers and the family are demanding monetary damages for economic and emotional damages.

Coleman is expected to appear on January 27 at the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana for indictment. She is currently in custody.


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