Married man rapes and impregnates a minor The courtroom grants him bail after promising to marry her

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In one very rare case, a Mumbai court granted bail to a married defendant who allegedly raped and consequently impregnated a 16-year-old girl. He was charged under the POCSO Act.

After promising that he would marry her, he was given bail as soon as she was found to be a major.

In her affidavit, the mother of the victim supported the defendant’s pleading and requested the defendant’s release.

It cannot be said that the accused’s first marriage was not in their knowledge. As it is alleged that the prosecution (minor) intends to marry him and the defendant is also willing to marry her once she is 18 and that the matter arises from the matter and is a friendly relationship Acts to me, there is no need to keep the accused behind bars.


Attorney on behalf of the defendant alleged that the defendant can remarry. He claimed that his community had no restrictions when it came to the second marriage.

It should be noted that only the mother of this victim filed the FIR against the accused.

Previously, the defendant was submitted for bail, where the application was denied. After this recent development, he has requested bail for the second time.

After the mother’s testimony was recorded, the court concluded that it was not rape but a “consensual relationship”.

In this case, it is accused of having met the girl’s father. The girl kept her pregnancy a secret when the defendant allegedly threatened to keep her as such.

However, the police denied this request for bail. According to the police, there is a lack of evidence indicating the existence of a “friendly relationship”.

The court ruled that once the investigation is complete and the charges filed, there is nothing left to deny this bail request.

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