Hoping there is no riot pending against the canal showing a body being thrown into the river – Justice Chandrachud – LexForti Legal News & Journal

While listening to a Suo Moto COVID case, Judge DY Chandrachud made a comment regarding the news channel showing the body of a COVID patient being thrown into the river body and asked if a hate speech case was filed against the news networks was or not.

Judge DY Chandrachud made this sarcastic statement while investigating the number of incitement cases recorded against the media.

The bank heard a suo moto COVID in which the amicus curiae, Senior Advocate Meenakshi Arora, argued that guidelines must be drawn up to ensure the dignified treatment and handling of corpses.

After examining this Suo Moto COVID case, the bank took up petitions filed by two Telugu news networks, namely TV5 and ABN Andhra-Jyoti, against the incitement to hatred recorded by Andhra Pradesh police.

The attorney general reminded the bank of his April 2021 order ordering violations of the police officers cracking down on SOS calls from citizens on social media searching for COVID basics.

The Supreme Court endured any form of coercive action against the two news networks and concluded that it was high time to set the limit for sedition. The Bank also noted the need to define the scope of the criminal offenses prescribed in Sections 124A and 153A, which are incitement to hatred or the promotion of community hatred.

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