Grievance filed in opposition to a lady who filed a false gangrape case in opposition to two males [Read Order] – LexForti Authorized Information & Journal

The present case is about a woman; who lodged a false gangrape accusation against two men. Consequently; a complaint has lodged against her.

An FIR was lodged u/s 376d of IPC (Gangrape) against two men. It was alleged that; these men on the pretext of giving jobs gang-raped her.

Police started to investigate the matter. Surprisingly it was found out that one of the accused was not in India and was living abroad.

Moreover, the vehicle where the girl alleged; that she was raped; wasn’t in the possession of any of these men.

The court took into consideration the report filed by the Police and noted that; the informant has filed a false FIR and violated Section 164 of CrPC as well.

Soon the court ordered the Maharashtra Police to lodge a complaint against the woman under section 193, 194, 199, 200, 211 of the IPC.

What are these Sections?

Section 193: Punishment for giving false evidence. (extendable to seven years of imprisonment and be liable to pay fine).

Section 194: Punishment for fabricating false evidence. (either imprisonment for life or term extendable to ten years and fine).

Section 199: Punishment for giving false statements. (punishable in the same manner as if a person gave false evidence)

Section 200: Punishment for false declaration under Law, (Punishable in the same manner as if a person gave the false evidence.)

Section 211: Punishment for false charge of offence. (Punishable extendable to two years or with fine or both)


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