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When faced with an infringement lawsuit, reach out to a reputable torrent lawyer to protect yourself from severe penalties.

Is it about you You have been charged with torrenting and are facing an infringement lawsuit. Not sure if you can save yourself paying a heavy fine.

Say you are facing an infringement lawsuit, check with a torrent lawyer to protect yourself from severe penalties. This blog informs you about your legal options. Before we begin in detail, let’s understand what torrenting is.

What is torrenting?

One process of uploading and downloading files over the BitTorrent network is torrenting. Torrenting is the process of downloading files from users’ devices on the web, not a central server. Also, users can upload files from their own devices for others to download. This is often linked to piracy as it is widely used to share files that are copyrighted, including games, music, movies, and software.

Torrenting also has some legitimate uses, such as: For example, reducing the load on a central server, as this distributes the load among the users.

Downloading media from a torrent site is a common practice for many people because they believe there are no legal ramifications for personal use. The fact is that even personal use is illegal and the original creator of the software or media can take legal action against those who illegally downloaded their work. And if you lose an intellectual property lawsuit, you have to pay a sizeable fine.

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To add to that, BitTorrent laws dealing with online downloads are complex legal matters and only an expert can help with your case if you are charged with breaking rules.

What are your defense options?

Copyright infringement is serious business and you may not know how much it can cost you – everything you do online leaves a watermark. You may want to use a public network or use different IP addresses, but you cannot maintain your anonymity. If a case is registered against you and a lawsuit is initiated, they will be able to get all the information and prove that you have downloaded some copyrighted content. If you get into such a scenario, you have no choice but to save yourself by negotiating fairly with the other party.

Suppose your case is different from direct intellectual property infringement and you are unaware of the whole matter because it was your friend or relative who used your device and without your knowledge. You can get out of the case by proving it with the help of an experienced lawyer. Legal advice can help alleviate harsh effects.

You need to know that once your name is reported in a lawsuit, it may appear online. This can hurt your job opportunities if found on background checks. Having to explain is pretty embarrassing too.

How long after downloading can a film producer or company sue?

A copyright typically lasts three years and you may receive notice of infringement beforehand. On the contrary, they can wait until you’ve done a lot of downloads so they can wrap you in lots of fees and claim even greater damage from you.

What are the legal defenses against allegations of piracy?

An unsecured Wi-Fi network can be your best defense, proving that someone else was operating, possibly your friend, family member, neighbor, or roommate. However, some ISP agreements state that you are responsible for all activity on your account.


When faced with an infringement lawsuit, reach out to a reputable torrent lawyer to protect yourself from severe penalties. The lawyer is responsible for your representation and takes care of all documents and documents required for your case.

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