Delhi HC extended the injunction against the media outlets and media houses – LexForti Legal News & Journal

The Delhi Supreme Court extended the implementation of its injunction against the media houses calling on them to ensure that no defamatory content is posted on their social media handles or broadcast through their channels against the Hindi film industry, which the capacity this contributes to violating the privacy of the people associated with it.

This order was against media houses such as AGR Outlier Media Pvt Ltd., Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. and various other media houses and channels.

This injunction was issued to relieve the parties, ie various production houses and associations of the Hindi film industry. They filed a civil lawsuit against various journalists associated with various media outlets and news channels.

The parties said such reporters made derogatory, defamatory and irresponsible statements against them either through their social media handles or through their channels, which in turn damaged their privacy and reputation.

As part of this civil suit, the parties also demanded an injunction against the numerous media trials against Bollywood personalities, as these violate their privacy. They also asked them to follow the programming code provided for in the Cable Television Act (Ordinance) of 1994.

However, the other party denied the acceptable terms on the grounds that no defamatory content had been published or televised against the production houses and associations that initiated the lawsuit.

The Delhi HC has currently extended its injunction until May 25, 2021.

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