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Cremation Burial, Memorials, and Landmarks

Oct 22

Cremation Strategies for the Entrepreneurially Challenged There are many factors involved in the creation of a good memorial plan. This includes selecting the location, caskets, stones, and other items that will be used for the grave marker. This is why many funeral homes have cemeteries that can accommodate the needs of the bereaved. These cemeteries are often outside of city limits, which requires some planning to make it possible.

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A good way to determine how many cemeteries are suitable for the area one desires to travel to is to check with local government agencies and laws. One should also check on what is required in order to access the cremation unit. Many areas have laws requiring one to go to the crematory within a certain time after the death or at the very least within twenty-four hours.


This rule is intended to prevent the public from being entrapped within the cemeteries. However, access restrictions do exist. In most cemeteries, the doors are password protected and restricted. Some of these restriction may state that the client must pay a minimal fee or provide proof that they are deceased. This is not always the case but should be considered before signing on the dotted line.


Cremation options vary greatly among areas. There are many different sizes and types of cremation units for the client to select. They range from traditional vases that hold the cremation ashes in a decorative display case to a custom designed vault. These designs can vary dramatically but are often eye catching and impressive to the viewing crowd.


Cremation services are available in many different price ranges. It is important to consider how much the memorial will cost overall. This will include the cost of embalming or having the remains produced. This is not limited to just the cremation service but also includes the transportation of the remains. Some cemeteries have restrictions on the transportation of the remains such as having to be handled by a certified embalming expert.


Having a memorial marker that can be displayed at the entrance to the cemetery area would be an appealing addition. The design could include an image or photograph. Some families prefer to personalize the marker. There are many ways to do this.


There are many ways that people decide to memorialize their loved ones. There are many different choices such as using headstones, monuments, and burial stones. One important aspect to remember is that each cemeteries is unique and may have different regulations pertaining to the markers. It is important to research all regulations prior to deciding on a method of burial.


Cremation is the process of disposing of human remains. This can be done for many reasons such as the passing of a friend or family member, or as a final memorial for a burial ground. The remains are usually cremated within a few hours of death. It is not unusual for the family of the deceased to be notified several days beforehand.


Some cemeteries have restrictions on how the ashes can be handled. It is not uncommon for the owner of the cemeteries to require a photo ID. You will need a form of photo ID such as a driver's license to access the burial place. Burial customs vary greatly amongst different cemeteries.


Some simply bury the remains in the earth. Others opt to entomb them. An example of this type of burial is burial with little furniture around. This allows relatives to visit and offer condolences.


It is important to not confuse burial with cremation. Burial is the actual burial. Some cemeteries also reuse the earth for another cemetery. This reused earth can then be put to a new use if desired.


A large majority of cemeteries are open to the public and are maintained. Most are plowed and landscaped. The remaining area is left unplowed and left alone. There are some cemeteries that still maintain the traditional ways of burying the dead. Others have converted them to places of worship. Memorials are still used to remember loved ones who have passed away.

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