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A lawsuit is filed after officials shot a Hayward teenager and they remove the bullets.

In a recent lawsuit, officials in the Bay Area town of Hayward, California allegedly mistakenly shot an identified 17-year-old in the back twice and then dug the bullets by hand before the emergency services arrived at the scene and commuted the youth there in a juvenile detention center.

“It is barbaric how they tried to minimize the damage they did to this young man,” said Adante Pointer, lawyer for the teenager’s family. “It is totally inadequate and luckily it did not cause him any major damage.”

Pointer also posted photos of the wounds the bullets were excavated in on Twitter, stating, “The cops did this to a child when the eyes of the world were looking! Imagine what happens when nobody is looking! “

Photo by Amirali Mirhashemian on Unsplash

The lawsuit alleges the teen spent the evening with his older cousin watching a music video in Oakland. The teen reportedly fell asleep in his cousin’s car near the looted site during the Black Lives Matter protests. The officers were called to a CVS pharmacy to investigate. The teenager claims he woke up alone around 4 a.m. on June 1st, was distraught and tried to call his cousin, but his phone was dead. Startled and confused, he drove past officers who, according to the complaint, immediately shot him in the back.

Hayward Police Officer Samuel Tomlinson said he “believed the vehicle was going to hit him, so he opened fire.” Official Stephen Akacsos did the same, allegedly believing “his partner was either shot or hit by the vehicle”.

The vehicle hit a brush and the teenager hid in the bushes where he was found by police and arrested on suspicion of attacking a police officer with a lethal weapon. Bodycam footage showed that the unarmed black man was wounded within ten seconds of the encounter and charges against him were dropped.

Police said attending EMS labeled his injury a “grazing wound”.

Pointer said, “The Hayward Police Department has been on my radar all the time, a police station where they sice dogs, beat people, shoot people, and rarely attracts public attention. This is Attachment A to a police agency attempting to denigrate the victim and justify the shooting. The public should be very concerned. “

The details of how the bullets were dug from the teen’s body and what happened to them are unclear.

The event came as the public became increasingly aware of incidents of racially motivated police brutality. The death of George Floyd by officers earlier this year sparked the BLM movement. Others, including the death of Breonna Taylor, 26, followed. Taylor was fatally shot and killed by plainclothes officers in March at her home in Louisville, Kentucky.

“I feel like they just saw a black face and just believed he was doing it (a crime),” said the teenager’s mother, Jael Barnes. “He’s not only got these physical wounds now, but also these mental wounds that will never go away.”


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