Arnab Goswami is a serious participant in TRP fraud, says ex-BARC CEO in Bombay Excessive Courtroom – LexForti Authorized Information & Journal

Partho Dasgupta requested temporary bail for two weeks

Partho Dasgupta’s former CEO of BARC, Partho Dasgupta’s attorney, told the Bombay Supreme Court that Republic TV’s highlight, Arnab Goswami, is the “main character” in the TRP fraud.

This statement was made in response to opposition claims that Partho Dasgupta was the mastermind of the TRP tampering fraud.

The attorney representing Partho Dasgupta sought bail in the High Court after the same plea was denied by the lower court. The attorney pointed out that the co-defendants were either given bail or were protected from arrest and therefore requested bail on the former BARC CEO for parity reasons. The lawyer also cited the Partho Dasgupta’s deteriorating health.

The opposition did not support this based on a medical report from Taloja Prison which found that Dasgupta’s heath was stable, oriented and conscious.

However, the court adjourned the bail for a week and allowed Dasgupta’s attorney to amend the petition and request a copy of the additional charge sheet.

According to those indictments filed in court, Dasgupta made a statement mentioning that he had received Rs. 40 lakh from Arnab Goswami over a three-year period and $ 6,000 for a vacation trip taking into account the manipulation of reviews.

According to the allegations, Partho Dasgupta is accused of abusing his position and partnering with ARG Outlier Media and Arnab to manipulate the TRPs and put Republic TV in first place.

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