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The Thane Court of Justice granted bail to several defendants charged with lynching in Palghar.

Court cited that

Bail is the rule and prison is an exception

Thane Sessions Court

The court ruled that defendants should not be detained as a pre-trial conviction.

Judge: SB Bahalkar

The court held that there was no point in staying charged in prison. It won’t help with the investigation. The court eventually examined the terms of the bail and granted them bail.

No prosecution purpose would be solved if the accused were kept behind bars.

On April 16, the mob lynched three sadhus, two of whom were 70 years old.

The mob has been charged under the Public Property Diversion Act, the Maharashtra Police Act, the Disaster Management Act and the Epidemic Disease Act.

The special prosecutor alleged that the defendants were part of the illegal assembly.

However, the opposition suggested otherwise. It was alleged that people only gathered there out of curiosity.

The court made it clear that it is still uncertain whether the defendants lynched there or just passers-by.

As a result, the court granted everyone bail.


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