Advocating the SC for Vaccination of Vulnerable Communities in Society Door-to-Door – LexForti Legal News & Journal

A petition has been filed with the Supreme Court seeking appropriate instructions to facilitate door-to-door vaccination for citizens, including the elderly, disabled, weaker, underprivileged and disadvantaged populations who have not been able to register for the vaccination.

This petition was brought to the Apex Court by the Youth Bar Association of India. It was determined that this is the need of the hour as it would minimize the risk of getting affected by COVID while waiting at the vaccination center.

The petition argued that vaccination should not be withheld from such vulnerable communities as this would undermine the greater public interest.

The petitioner has described India as a “welfare state” and stated that it is the nation’s responsibility to ensure the welfare and interests of all. The government had a legitimate expectation that the vaccine produced in this way would be procured by it and made available to all parts of society via a well-planned chain.

The plea highlighted that the COVID-19 vaccine is a life-saving drug and that it should be added to the drug staple list. It also aimed for a toll-free survey across India, both where such economically backward people are to be registered and in other different social classes who may not be able to register themselves.

The plea also suggested that it could be advertised through a series of government advertisements or billboards to draw attention to such sections.

The plea ultimately proposed the creation of mobile delivery vans that would allow vaccination of those people who live in remote areas.

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