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What Does a Law Firm Occupy

Sep 20

A law firm is a professional service corporation, limited liability partnership or sole proprietorship organized for the practice of law. The term law firm is also used to refer to an association of lawyers, a legal department of a corporation or other organization, or a government agency. The work performed by Chagrin Falls Business Lawyer firm workers includes both legal and non-legal tasks. The occupations commonly employed in a law firm include lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants, paraprofessionals, and support staff. The scope of work in a law firm can vary widely depending on the legal fields practiced, and attorneys may specialize within a field.

The largest law firms in the world are based primarily in the United States and the United Kingdom. There are large firms in other countries, including Australia (MinterEllison with 1,500 attorneys), China (Dacheng with 2,100 attorneys) and Spain (Garrigues with over 2,000). In the United States, large law firms are often organized into a partnership model with both equity and non-equity partners. Equity partners contribute a percentage of their salary to the firm and are entitled to profits, while non-equity partners are paid a fixed salary and have limited voting rights regarding firm operations.

Whether a lawyer is in-house or at a law firm, he or she performs a variety of tasks that include research, writing and filing legal documents. Lawyers in a law firm advise and represent clients on issues and disputes involving a legal matter, and they also assist in the preparation of documents and contracts. Lawyers must be able to analyze complex issues and to communicate them clearly and concisely to clients. They also must be able to meet deadlines and handle multiple projects simultaneously.

In addition to lawyers, a law firm may employ an array of other occupations, including paralegals and legal assistants, paraprofessionals, clerks, support staff and administrative professionals. In 2013, the legal services industry employed more than 1 million workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The majority of these workers were in law firms.

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