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Know About Divorce Lawyers

Aug 10

Hiring a lawyer can be one of the most important decisions you make. You want to be sure you hire an experienced divorce attorney who will protect your rights and interests.

Look for an attorney with an approach that aligns with your comfort level. For example, some attorneys may be in favor of alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation.

Child Custody

Child custody is a critical issue for any couple divorcing, as it determines the parents' ability to provide for their children. The term "custody" covers both the actual daily supervision and care of a child as well as the legal authority to make important decisions, including those regarding the child's medical, educational, and religious growth.

A judge may award joint legal custody, in which case both parents share decision-making responsibility, or sole legal custody to one parent. In addition, a judge may grant one parent sole physical custody and allow the other parent visitation rights.

A judge will consider a range of factors when determining custody and access arrangements, such as the child's best interests, the relationship between the parent and the child, and any history of domestic violence or abuse. In most cases, the court will want to promote stability for the children and will only change custody if there is a clear and substantial change in circumstances.

Child Support

Child support ensures that a child’s financial needs are met regardless of which parent they live with. It allows parents to work together on a long-term plan that prioritizes their children’s futures.

A judge will use a standard formula to evaluate both parents’ gross incomes and determine an appropriate amount of child support. Depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to consider other factors such as living expenses, medical costs, education expenses and extracurricular activities.

If either parent experiences a significant change in their income or living arrangements, it is possible to file for a modification of child support. A skilled attorney can help you provide accurate income information to the court and a reasonable case for why a change in child support should occur.

Property Division

A divorce lawyer Bangalore can help their clients navigate the difficult process of property division. Unlike child custody or alimony, the issue of marital property and debt is one that will affect almost every divorced couple.

When it comes to property division, a judge will decide the best way to divide up assets that were acquired during marriage. Judges can use a variety of factors when deciding which assets are separate and which belong to both spouses.

A court will also assign a value to each asset. For example, if you and your spouse purchased a house during the marriage, a judge will determine the fair market value at the time of separation. If passive increases in value are involved, a professional appraisal may be necessary.

In many cases, property is divided by a court order that stipulates a percentage ownership of the asset. However, that doesn’t mean that the assets will be physically split in half.


In a divorce, court-ordered spousal support, or maintenance, can help one spouse maintain the standard of living they enjoyed during the marriage. A judge will consider factors such as the length of the marriage, whether the dependent spouse is a full-time parent or homemaker, and their ability to earn money outside the household.

In general, alimony will not increase unless there is a significant change in circumstances. However, the law does allow for a cost-of-living increase in child support payments.

When selecting a divorce attorney, ask about their expertise in custody-related issues and complex asset division. You also want to feel comfortable working with them. If possible, schedule a meeting with your top candidates to discuss how they would approach your case. Ask about their fee structure and whether they are available via phone or email between scheduled appointments.