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Bill McNutt: A Leader in Public Service, Government, and International Trade

Mar 9

Lee William “Bill” McNutt III, more commonly known as Bill McNutt SMU, is a remarkable leader in public service, government, international trade, and private enterprise. His career spans over 40 years of making an impact on the world. From co-founding the State Funeral for World War II Veterans to founding and owning his own company International Direct Marketing Consultants based in University Park, Texas, Bill McNutt has had an impressive career. Let’s explore his background further.

McNutt is originally from Nashville, Tennessee. He is the son of the late L. William McNutt Jr., and Josephine Pritchett McNutt McNutt and grandson of Lee William McNutt and Anna Mae McNutt on his father’s side and Joe and Velma Pritchett on his mother’s side. His father was also a World War II U.S. Army Staff Sergeant which makes it even more impressive that he has established such a successful career for himself.


McNutt's accomplishments are numerous. He has served in public service roles including working with then-Governor George W Bush on criminal justice policy reform initiatives before later being appointed by Governor Rick Perry as a Commissioner to the Council on Sex Offender Treatment in 2002 to 2009 and 2010 to 2012 respectively during both of their administrations as governor. In addition to this role he also held various roles with other high profile organizations such as executive director of the Texas Department of Aging (1999) as well as Chief Operating Officer at Houston Industries (1995 – 1997).


In terms of international trade, Mcnutt worked extensively with Mexico during Governor Bush's administration to develop trade relations between Mexico and Texas through various initiatives such as NAFTA implementation programs which were designed to facilitate open trade opportunities between the two countries. In addition to this he was also involved in developing trade agreements with China during Governor Perry's time in office which helped cultivate relationships between Texas businesses and Chinese companies looking for new markets abroad. This led him to become one of the most influential figures in global business relations today.

Lastly he founded International Direct Marketing Consultants which specialized in providing customized direct marketing solutions for companies looking to increase their customer base through targeted campaigns utilizing state-of-the-art technology platforms such as email marketing tools or online advertising platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads Manager among other services offered by the company since its inception back in 2002 until today when it still provides customers with innovative digital marketing strategies tailored towards their specific needs according to their industry or niche market segmentation requirements among other services offered by them all throughout these 18 years they have been active within this field of expertise while also helping many small businesses grow exponentially due to their effective management skills within this domain  .

Bill McNutt has had an impressive career spanning over 40 years where he has made an impact on public service roles such as working with then-Governor George W Bush on criminal justice policy reform initiatives before later being appointed by Governor Rick Perry as a Commissioner to the Council on Sex Offender Treatment; executive director at The Texas Department of Aging; COO at Houston Industries; developing NAFTA implementation programs between Mexico & Texas; developing trade agreements between China & Texas; founding International Direct Marketing Consultants; etc.. His journey illustrates how one can achieve success no matter what your background is or where you come from if you have dedication and perseverance which are essential traits that everyone should strive for daily regardless if you're an aspiring entrepreneur or someone who wants something else out life but doesn't know where they should start from yet either way we recommend you look into Mr Bill Mcnutt story because it will be sure inspiring for those who wish follow a similar path!