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Legal Services for Buying Property in Thailand

Aug 10

In Thailand, there are numerous benefits to getting legal services. A good attorney can assist with contract review and due diligence, and even draft a will. In this article, we'll cover some of the more important issues you may encounter when buying property in Thailand. If you're planning to purchase real estate in Thailand, a good lawyer can help you avoid common problems and ensure a smooth transaction. But what about those other services?


Property Due Diligence in Thailand

If you are looking to buy property in Thailand, you've probably been wondering how to get the best deal. Although foreigners buy property in Thailand every day, there are a few things you should know before you make a big purchase. Thailand's property market is complex, and you should not base your decision solely on a glossy property publication or word of mouth. To avoid problems, use legal services to help you with due diligence. In Thailand, you'll need to check whether or not the property you're planning to purchase is actually a residential development. It's important to check if there's pending litigation on the property, and you should check the title as well.

You'll also need a property lawyer. Thai property law is complicated, and one mistake could result in hefty fines. Whether you're buying a condo in the city or a one-bedroom apartment in the country, a property lawyer can protect your interests and protect your investment. The lawyer can also check if there are any mortgages on the property, and can conduct searches through government departments. This way, you can rest assured that your transaction will be as smooth as possible.


Contract Review in Thailand

Whether you are buying a condo in Bangkok, a luxury villa in Phuket, or an apartment in Chiang Mai, it is important to conduct a contract review. These reviews are essential because they help protect your interests and reduce liability. They also define what each party is responsible for in case of a dispute and help you avoid any legal hassles. Contracts drafted by top officials may have ambiguities, and it is important to have a contract reviewed by a lawyer who has experience in real estate litigation.

While a contract is legal in Thailand, it is often unclear and can leave you open to surprises when you close the deal. A contract reviewer can point out potential problems in the contract and introduce creative solutions to resolve them. In addition, contract reviewers will ensure that the contract is legally enforceable in Thai courts. A contract reviewer can help you with buying property in Thailand, as well as a general contract review. These professionals are skilled in Thai real estate law and can guide you through the entire process, from signing the contract to closing the deal.


Drafting a Will in Thailand

While many countries have similar laws regarding wills, Thai ones differ. While some countries allow minor children to be named "controllers" of their property, there are some important differences that you should understand before you draft your own will in Thailand. Regardless, a Thai will is an essential tool when distributing your estate, as Thai courts aim to achieve an equitable balance of interests. This means that you must carefully consider the provisions of your Thai will before you move to Thailand.

The Thai Commercial and Civil Code has specific guidelines for who will inherit your estate if you die without a living spouse or children. If your deceased spouse has no living relatives in Thailand, your estate will pass to your children, who must go through a lengthy process to settle your estate. Having a Thai lawyer handle the estate settlement process can minimize the hassles of the legal system in Thailand. It will also give your family peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will continue to live on and manage your estate for you.