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The Law Office of Jason B. Going

Apr 15

Jason has represented many clients before numerous Circuit Courts in Illinois, Missouri and before the Missouri Court of Appeals over the many years. Jason represents clients in many areas of law , including personal injury, automobile accidents Workers compensation, defense against DUI/DWI, criminal defense, and traffic matters.. Jason is licensed in Illinois, Missouri, and Florida.


Workers' Compensation benefits are provided to workers who were injured as a result of their duties. Workers' compensation laws were created as a way to help workers injured in the workplace. These taxes cover medical care and a proportion of lost wages for employees who are injured at the workplace. Workers compensation could also offer disabled benefits to employees who can't return to work because of injuries sustained in the workplace. Do not let your employer pressure to convince you that you don't have a claim. We hear this more often than we do.


In many cases, it is essential to employ a Workers Compensation lawyer if you have suffered an injury at work. Most of the time, injured workers are placed in a bind situation where they have to make ends meet in order to pay for their injuries. But, it might not be feasible to accomplish this without breaking company policies. Be sure to contact us with any questions regarding how you can be eligible.


The Law Office Jason B., Belleville IL workers attorneys for workers' compensation. Going can guide you through the process and ensure your rights as an injured employee. Our team will advocate for your interests so that you don't waste your time trying to obtain the compensation you're due from your employer. An attorney can help you claim all the benefits that you're entitled to when you've been injured as a result of an accident at work.


It can be confusing not knowing the right steps to take when it comes to injuries that are caused by work. There is a chance that you will miss vital benefits that could protect your family or household. Workers' compensation is insurance that every Illinois employers have to carry. It shields them and their employees from the cost related to workplace injuries and ailments!

There is no charge until you've collected your dues

Workers' compensation is the sole recourse in most cases where you have suffered an injury while working. Jason B. Law Office The Law Office of Jason B. Belleville IL workers compensation lawyers offer a no-cost consultation to assist you in understanding the process and what benefits you are entitled to. If you would like to maximize your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve for your injuries, it is essential to adhere to all legal requirements. It is important not to contact insurers or their lawyers until you have discussed the matter with us first.

We represent people who need workers' compensation benefits because of:

Repetitive trauma, including carpal tunnel syndrome

Car accidents that have to do with work

Industrial accidents and construction

Amputations and prosthetics

Injury to the neck back, neck and spinal cord

Traumatic and catastrophic injuries

What Are the main areas a workers Comp Lawyer Specialize In?

Workers Compensation Attorneys specialize in helping workers receive the benefits they are entitled to when they suffer on-the-job injuries or get sick. These lawyers understand how challenging it can be for a person who has sustained injuries in the course of work to heal without assistance. Employers could try to earn profit from injured employees by making them pay less or stating that there is no issue. Others may not provide any benefits. Some employers try to convince their employees to visit a physician they employ so that the doctor will favor employers over workers.


A lawyer with expertise in Belleville IL workers' compensation will help you understand the laws protecting workers from injury in the course of their work. The Law Office Jason B. Going to learn more!

Our attorneys handle everything for clients, including filing a claim with Workers' Compensation Board and representing their interests during negotiations and hearings. We can help you recover your lost wages and argue your case in court should it become essential. While most cases settle without going to trial, it's possible for certain cases to be heard by an adjudicator. In these situations, an attorney can help you get an equitable settlement.


Law Office of Jason B. Going

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